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Finding the source of an interrupt on the FRDMK22 board.

Question asked by Timm Walker on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Timm Walker

(my original post had this all int he title line, reposting)

This may span into KDS and the Kinetis SDK. But I am bringing up a K22FRDM board with a Segger Jlink base debugger, and the KDS environment.  I am using the SDK startup code, and and properly disabling the watchdog on powerup.  But I am still getting an interrupt (which leads to the default unhandled interrupt loop).  This happens if I just do a main() while(1) loop and happens a few seconds after startup.  How do I determine the source of an interrupt?  I have referenced ARM documentation TRM for arm_cortexm4 and looking at the NVIC entry, but there isn't much listed there.  What registers would I look for in the debugger to see what the ISR source is?  And what is the method in KDS to open a memory dump/display window?