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question about MPC5744p Flex_PWM output trigger

Question asked by UWin F on May 8, 2016
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VAL0, VAL2, and VAL4 are used to generate OUT_TRIG0 and VAL1, VAL3, and VAL5 are used to generate OUT_TRIG1.  what does that mean?


As i understand,

Sub0_VAL2 will generate OUT_TRIG0_0 riseEdge(I1RE), Sub0_VAL3 will generate OUT_TRIG0_0 fallEdge(I1FE).

Sub0_VAL4 will generate OUT_TRIG1_0 riseEdge(I5RE), Sub0_VAL5 will generate OUT_TRIG1_0 fallEdge(I5FE),


Sub1_VAL2 will generate OUT_TRIG0_1 riseEdge(I2RE), Sub0_VAL3 will generate OUT_TRIG0_1 fallEdge(I2FE).

Sub1_VAL4 will generate OUT_TRIG1_1 riseEdge(I6RE), Sub0_VAL5 will generate OUT_TRIG1_1 fallEdge(I6FE),


Sub0_VAL0 will generate PWMX0 riseEdge(I9RE), Sub0_VAL1 will generate PWMX0 fallEdge(I9FE).

Sub1_VAL0 will generate PWMX1 riseEdge(I10RE), Sub0_VAL1 will generate PWMX0 fallEdge(I10FE).


Do i understand correct?  thank you very much!