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Problem when uboot from nand flash,p2020rdb-pca board.

Question asked by yaxi Zhang on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by Yiping Wang

Dear Sir,

     I am trying to burn u-boot to nand flash,and want to boot up the board from nand flash. But failed. I'll show my steps and problem as follows.

    1.Code Warrior 10.5.1 in CentOS7, new a bareboard project with wizard(choosing P2020RDB-PC),build project.

    2.In Target Task, import P2020RDB-PC-NAND-FLASH.xml,Flash Device:K9F5605Ux0D-eLBC(32Mx8x1),

    Add Action:Program and Verify, with uboot-nand.bin in the Pre_Build_images folder( privided in the P2020RDB_Images.iso), select the binary file type, check the erase sectors before program check box,apply an address offset 0x00000000.

   3.Excute, shows Program Command Succeeded.

   4.Set SW3 [1:6]111010(1=on,0=off)

   5. Turn on the power. However, from the serial console, it does not show up anything, and the light of eTSEC2 and a green led in board blinks quickly. i.e, failed to uboot from the nand flash.

   I want to know that whether the steps I've done are correct or not, and how to fix my problem to uboot from nand flash successfully?

   Hope to get the help soon. Best Regards.