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K64F Program using CYCLONE

Question asked by yibin wang on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by yibin wang

Now, I used the K64F process built a board. In the Kinetis Design Studio, I can debug and program my code to the board using CYCLONE Programmer based on the SWD protocol.

But, When I used the  "PROGACMP - Flash Programmer" of the CYCLONE provided to program my code, the screen always show the following message.

Programming Address $   . Error during programming.


I can sure I used the same programmer and same target while the programming and also use the same Command for the programming in these two different environment.

Would you please give me some hits and tips on this issue of I facing?

Now, I attached a document on my programming process. At the end of the document, I attached a message list that is from Kinetis Design Studio. It is the good message.  Please have a look. But when I use the same PM command on the "PROGACMP - Flash Programmer" of the CYCLONE, I always get the Error information as above I mentioned.

Thanks in advance!