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MC908AB32CFUE factory programmed with $10.

Discussion created by Susan Huang on Apr 18, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam


I have purchased a Freescale part MC908AB32CFUE,but we do a test and found there is a program on it,on the" EEPROM Non-Volatile Register" this location,it shows $10,but not $FF(when blank),i checked the datasheet.on the 81th page,it also mention about the $10 is factory programmed,but i don't know what kind of factory program it's exactly?


And will it effect the quality?I mean that can the end user to use it directly?They said can't accept to erased it,but i think we not need to do that,right?


Or pls can you help to explain to me the meaning of "NOTE: The EENVR is factory programmed with $10" on the datasheet(i also attached the photo of it)?


I am sorry to trouble you,but really need your help.


I am waiting for your urgent reply.


Thank you so much!


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