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How to clear BCH_CTRL_COMPLETE_IRQ bit

Question asked by Cheng Shi on Apr 16, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2016 by igorpadykov


I got confused with how to clear BCH_CTRL_COMPLETE_IRQ bit. In iMX28 RM it said:"

This bit indicates the state of the external interrupt line. Write a one to the SCT clear address to clear

the interrupt status bit." But no SCT registers in BCH module!

In linux platform, the driver clears the bit with following code:


/* Clears a BCH interrupt. */

void gpmi_clear_bch(struct gpmi_nand_data *this)


  struct resources *r = &this->resources;

  writel(BM_BCH_CTRL_COMPLETE_IRQ, r->bch_regs + HW_BCH_CTRL_CLR);



In CE platform (MX28_FSL_V3), the driver clears the bith with following macro:


    // Clear the ECC Complete IRQ.



Which one is right?



Cheng Shi