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how to build yocto uboot of emmc

Question asked by llinguo cui on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2016 by llinguo cui

Hi everyone,

     We are using im6qsabresd platform.Yocto project default uboot is booting from SdCard.

Now we want to rebuild the uboot that boot from the  emmc.So,we refer to the FreeScale Yocto Project User Guide.

We used the following commands :


$ echo "UBOOT_CONFIG = \"emmc\"" >> conf/local.conf

$ MACHINE=imx6sxsabresd bitbake -c deploy u-boot-imx

But the system do not generate the new file named u-boot-emmc-2015.04-r0.imx

But have a test ,if we use this command:$ echo "UBOOT_CONFIG = \"sata\"" >> conf/local.conf

We can get the new file named u-boot-sata-2015.04-r0.imx

So somebody can tell me what the problem above ?


Best Regards,