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CW 5.1 renewal

Question asked by Bob Gardner on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by TomasPaez

I had 1 day left on Friday. I asked for a renewal. On monday, I got the

instructions. Renewal faild bacause license was expired. Fix: make the

license expirer not expire a license on a weekend. So now send email on

how to renew CW 5.1 for another month. Thanks. Lots of energy expended

in this license stuff. How about just selling the compiler at a loss in

order to sell millions of Motorola and Freescale microprocessors? That

was the whole idea of buying that Cash Cow anyway wasn't it? Or sell the

old versions for $50 a seat, and if you suddenly see sales of old

versions outpace sales of new versions, adjust pricing accordingly.

You're Welcome.