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Why didn't I receive my Initial Activation Email?

Question asked by LPCware Support on Mar 31, 2016

Note: This FAQ applies to LPCXpresso IDE (Pro Edition) only.


If you did not receive an 'Initial Activation Email' within a few minutes of the first Activation of your copy of LPCXpresso (Pro), the likely reasons are:


  • Your email client has placed the email into a spam folder.
  • Your email provider has blocked the email (possibly as spam). Please contact your email provider to allow email from
  • You have registered with an invalid email address (see below)


If the email address used to activate your product is invalid (for example, due to a typo) - please contact us as per the details provided in the email containing your activation code that you will have received at the time of the original purchase.


Following this request we will be able to make corrections and re-send your 'Initial Activation Email'.