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How to import/export projects

Question asked by LPCware Support on Mar 31, 2016

Import/Export projects


Import and Export should be used to move projects between workspaces or computers. This will ensure project settings are correctly transferred.


Exporting projects


We recommend that before exporting a project, you perform a "Clean" build to remove binary executable and object files from the build. These are not normally required, and this will make the exported archive significantly smaller.

To export a project:

  • Select the project (or projects) in the Project explorer
    • Use Ctrl-Click to select more than one project
  • In the Quickstart Panel, click on:
    • Click on Export project to archive (zip) or
    • Export project and references to archive (zip)
  • Enter or Browse the zip file name and then Finish

Your project is now exported


Importing projects


To import an archive containing one or more projects into the workspace, including the Examples provided with the LPCXpresso IDE:

  • To Import projects.
  • In the Quickstart Panel, click on Import projects
  • If Importing from a zip file, press the Archive Browse button
    • Browse to the zip file, and press OK
  • If you are importing projects from a directory, press the Root directory Browse button
    • Browse to the directory containing the projects, and press OK
  • A list of importable projects contained in the directory is displayed
  • Check/uncheck projects from the list as necessary and Finish

The projects will now be imported.