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What are the Code Read Protect (CRP) levels on the LPC17xx?

Question asked by LPCware Support on Mar 30, 2016

Code Read Protection allows users to enable different levels of security in the system so they can protect both their software code and hardware.

There are several methods to program or read the Flash Memory:

- JTAG interface

- ISP (In-System Programming)

- IAP (In Application Programming)

The CRP Security levels limit the access in the following ways:

CRP1 (Level 1): Flash content can't be read. Full flash erase is possible. Flash updates (No Sector 0) using ISP.

CRP2 (Level 2): Flash content can't be read. Only Erase All using ISP.

CRP3 (Level 3): No ISP access. Even NXP can't access the code a CRP3 level. IAP reprogramming is possible. See AN10851 for details:

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