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Changing FMAN Ucode Address for NAND in LS1043ARDB

Question asked by Nikhil Prakash on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by Nikhil Prakash


I am currently working on ls1043ardb board.In the reference board for different boot modes  the fman ucode is taken form nor bank by default.I want to change the address of fman-ucode to the one depending on boot mode, that is if i am booting from nand it should take fman ucode from nand itself.What changes should be done in the config files.I am a bit confused about how to give the address for nand  case(in the case of nor it is memory mapped ).


I tried the following changes in the ls1043ardb.h and ls1043a_common.h:


#define CONFIG_SYS_FMAN_FW_ADDR 0x7fd00000

#define CONFIG_SYS_LS_PPA_FW_ADDR 0x7fe00000

But it didn't work.

What exactly should be done for this?

Pls help