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State of BOOT_MODE pins at Power-Up

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on Mar 23, 2016
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I need confirmation on a simple subject. If I connect the RESETBMCU of PF0100 to POR_B of i.MX6Q, when all the switching regulators are up and running at the PMIC, it will signal RESETBMCU for 2 to 4 ms. Only in this time interval, regarding the state of the BOOT_MODE[1:0] pins, processor will decided its one of three boot modes, internal boot, serial downloader and boot from fuses.


Thus by adding switches to BOOT_MODE pins, setting the pins to their designated values before the power up, as I give power to the PMIC, the boot mode will be set at the processor and there is no need to do anything else?


An example scenario is;


     BOOT_MODE 1 is pulled to ground, BOOT_MODE 0 is pulled to 3V3, when pmic is powered up and all switching regulators are up, BOOT_MODE is set to 10 which corresponds to Internal Bootmode.


Did I understand this correct?