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Is it possible to permanently secure one MC9S12XE microcontroler ?

Question asked by marc seninge on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by Radek Sestak

According to §9.1.7 in MC9S12XEP100 reference manual Rev1.23,

the microcontroler can be unsecured by erasing the entire EEPROM and FLASH memory.


I guess this is done by my "HC12MultilinkCyclonePro"->"Unsecure" menu from the CodeWarrior real-time debugger

and its "P&E_Multilink_USB_Erase_unsecure_hcs12xe.cmd" command file.


The "P&E_Multilink_USB_Erase_unsecure_hcs12xe.cmd" command file uses the "Erase All Blocks" flash command 0x8

to mass erase the microcontroler,

but according to table 29-31 in § this command is not possible when FPROT or EPROT protect flash sectors.


Is the microcontroler permanently secured, with no way to unsecure it,

when no back door key is defined and FPROT ou EPROT protect at least one sector ?

Is there any other way to permanently secure the microcontroler ?