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unable to configure I.MX28 DCP memcopy Control0 Field work packet

Question asked by nithish a n on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by nithish a n

hi all


   Im trying to do mem to mem copy .The ref manual says the main functions of the DCP module are enabled with the ENABLE_MEMCOPY,ENABLE_BLIT, ENABLE_CIPHER and ENABLE_HASH bits from the Control0 field in the work packet. The combinations of these bits determine the function performed by the DCP. And there are also fields like SOURCE BUFFER and DESTINATION BUFFER in the ref manual but im not able to configure those too, because they have not mentioned those registers.

how do i configure the Packet1 for mem to mem copy ? or please tell me how to do mem to mem copy using DCP or DMA..



Thank you