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NX5P2553 fails to power off

Question asked by Mark Patton on Mar 15, 2016

I have the NX5P2553 as a power switch connected to a 3.3V supply, being driven by an I/O pin from a processor also running at 3.3V.  The ILIM pin is connected to ground through a 18.2K resistor for current limiting.  The output has a 22uF cap and is also connected to the load (which draws about 400ma intermittently, and about 30ma all the time). 


When I bring the EN pin to 3.3V, the output goes to 3.3V as expected.  Drawing current is not a problem.  When it bring the EN pin low, (almost 0 V) the output goes to about 2.2V and stays there.  Neither situation triggers the /Fault pin.


I thought that the NX5P2553 was be defective and replaced it.  The new part does exactly the same thing. There is no way for anything to back-feed the circuit.  There is one device connected to the output of this device.


Any ideas what is going on?