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Kinetis K60 not able to program

Question asked by Lijo Francis on Mar 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by jeremyzhou

Dear Sir,

             We are using K60FN512 controller.The circuit we are referring K60 Tower Board and using PE Micro programmer with Kinetis Design Studio.We are not able to Program the IC

we get an error message

Connecting to target.

P&E Interface detected - Flash Version 9.33

Forcing mass erase...

Can not enter background mode .

Unable to initialize PEDebug.

PE-ERROR: Failed to Initialize Target

Server running on

Connection from "" via

PE-ERROR: Target is not connected

Disconnected from "" via

Target Disconnected.


We checked reset pin voltage thats around .7v. Thats low level is it.we checked  PTA4 (NMI/EZP_CS) that pin shows low level.According to some discussion in community or datasheet .if that pin low ,we cannot program.So now we use pull up resistor 10 ohm to reset pin and 47 UF capacitor to gnd.NOW that RESET pin goes high approx. 3.1 v and EZP_CS pin also goes high But problem still remains.Now also we cannot  program the IC...please tell me as soon as possible.