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ZigBee Stop reporting attributes

Question asked by Randolf Hu on Mar 8, 2016

Hi Sirs,


We are working on KW22. We set the Auto reporting of Humidity and Temperature every 1 minute by 4 steps, sending binding and the auto reporting timer value of Humidity and Temperature from ZC to ZED. After few hours testing, the ZED stop reporting. From the wireshark log, the wireshare log is in attachment, we found the short address - DCF3 sent the "permit join request" at 14:22:43.448 and successfully joined the network. After that, ZED keep sending Identify Query. Do you know why the ZED stop reporting?



2209102016-03-04 14:22:43.4489230xdcf3BroadcastZigBee ZDP62Permit Join Request


2209392016-03-04 14:22:43.9286830x00000xdcf3ZigBee ZDP61Permit Join Response, Status: Success


2210342016-03-04 14:22:48.5418030xdcf3BroadcastZigBee HA62ZCL Identify: Identify Query, Seq: 2


Platform: MKW24D512 Beekit: 3.0.2 Codebase: 4.0.1 Test Tool: 12.2.1


The Keys of this Zigbee network, FYI.

5A:69:67:42:65:65:41:6C:6C:69:61:6E:63:65:30:39 -Trust Center Link Key

b2:84:cf:69:b6:ba:dc:3b:f2:73:93:c6:97:31:49:26 -Network Key



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