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Hot-swap Mosfet Spec Support

Question asked by andrew sauter on Mar 7, 2016

We are developing a discrete hot-swap controller can you help us specify the NFET from NXP. We nominally operate at 5.5A of current, but during current limit we target 6.9A. Also the cap size we must charge is 2mF and our batteries 14.8V, max operating temp is 65C, non-proprietary footrpint if possible.


It seems the PSMN2R6-40YS,115 offers reasonbly low cost and a lot of power headroom I calculated it can handle our current limit for about 100ms, when we only need 4ms to charge cap. I am new to the transient impedance and SOA spec, can you please confirm my results, can you offer a better fit for our design?


We are a consulting company working for a company developing their second generation product, it is a low-income residential solar power system, targeting a 10 year life for the PCBs, and we just found out our prevous specified FET is not sufficient.