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Kernel crash due to memory corruption with the SDK 1.7, P1021 Processor

Question asked by vevek venkatesan on Mar 7, 2016

Hi Team,


We are using P1021 in our ISDN Gateway, with the Freescale SDK 1.7. We are facing too many Kernel crashes / Kernel RCU sched crashes. As per our initial analysis, there is memory corruption happens which causes these crashes.


For Eg.:

Unable to handle kernel paging request for data at address 0x0b0b0b0b


0x0b0b0b0b - is not a valid kernel buffer address, these pointers to the buffers are corrupted, so that we are facing Memory crashes Sig11.


Please resolve this issue, if it is something known to you. Or,

Give your valuable inputs for us to resolve the same.



Vevek Venkatesan