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Flash Problem

Question asked by xiao li on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by xiao li

My question is :

1. Why the Y value is 0xFFFF, but not what i write? and the map file is true.

2. Why i can't see the true value when i selected the PPAGE = 0x38, but the addr 0x38xxxx is always 0xFFFF at the memory window.


I use MC9s12DG256B IC, and CSW IDE. True-Time Simulator & Real-Time Debugger.

at start file, the source code :


PPAGE = 0x38;


#define __MMCTL_SET(value) ((...




  __asm {

  ldx #$95BA               ; Here the X value = 0x95BA    PPAGE = 0x38

  ldy 2,x+                 ; Here the Y value = 0xFFFF, is wrong.





and at the True-Time Simulator & Real-Time Debugger, memory always see 0xFFFF @ addr 0x3895BA.

but at the \bin\

  VAR012       3895BA 2 2 0 ROM_38



Thank you very much.