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KEA128 bootloader:How to jump to user applicaiton

Question asked by Jason Zhang on Mar 2, 2016
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My bootloader cannot jump to user applicaiton.


1.The user applicaiton can work well when I flash to board derectly by Multilink.

    Pls refer to


2. I flash the KEA128_APP_3 S19 by my bootloader , when the flashing complete,

    I use the code below to jump to user app, but it was failed.

    It always gose back to 

   void __thumb_startup(void)  // Setup registers



           typedef void(*JumpToPtr)(void);

           unsigned long int *pNewAppEntry = 0x4004;

          JumpToPtr pJumpTo;




               EnterCritical();           /* Disable interrupts */         

               pJumpTo = *pNewAppEntry;




3. I have checked the memory by Codewarrior 10.6 in the debug mode, it was ok.

    Pls refer to memory.s19 which export by codewarror.


4. When the flah programming was complete, the disassembly code is as below,

    How to check the monitor PC ?

               267               pJumpTo = *pNewAppEntry;

0000121e:   ldr r3,[pc,#68]

00001220:   ldr r3,[r3,#0]

00001222:   ldr r3,[r3,#0]

00001224:   mov r2,r3

00001226:   ldr r3,[pc,#64]

00001228:   str r2,[r3,#0]

268               pJumpTo();

0000122a:   ldr r3,[pc,#60]

0000122c:   ldr r3,[r3,#0]

0000122e:   blx r3


Thank you very much!

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