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LIN  diaganostic problem,

Question asked by deepak chandra on Feb 18, 2016

we are using s12zvl32 uc in our actuator project.we are facing problem in using LIN stack for diaganostic class , i have read in some reference to add diaganostic we have add #include "lin_lin21tl_api.h" and then add the below code in main,but we are unable to read any data from LIN .

we are using first time the LIN diaganostic, if there any reference manual /any example how to use LIN diaganostic function in project please send me ASAP .

here my fist task is to read by identifier




  l_u16 req_len = 0;

  l_u8 req_data[10];


  /* Process data */

  ld_receive_message(&req_len, req_data);

  req_data[0] += 0x40;

  /* Send response */

  ld_send_message(10, req_data);




please help me out from this problem ,we are in between the project and we have complete the project in  2 week ,half of my project is completed .

iam sending u my LDF file also .

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