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GPIO Mux Disconnect

Question asked by PETER TWISS on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by Jorge_Gonzalez



I currently disconnect a GPIO from my system (KL15) by turning it into an input, but this is sort of fake. I wish to disconnect an GPIO completely but Processor Expert (PE) does not give you this capability.



The pins shown are what I am using. The 'Pin Disable' which is likely Default (doesn't really match but likely what they mean). a disconnect unless the pin is used for analog, which in my case it is. However ALT2, ALT5, ALT6, and ALT7 are unused. Does this mean if I set the PinMux to these nodes I will be officially disconnected? This is my first question.


2nd question is the picture below. PE does not have a control for this functionality, and why not? If I dig deep enough in the driver I can see the code, but is there a different/easier/more elegant way than editing or developing my own code?






Also, I'd like to politely ask the support people to please carefully read my question and answer exactly what I ask for. It seems the evening teams (US late evening responses) will reply and throw information that is similar in nature, but never actually addresses the exact question asked. If you do not understand or do not have an exact answer, please do not reply as this adds confusion to others who will read this post in the future.


Thanks for understanding, and thanks for the support,