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Question about DSPI for MPC5643L

Question asked by 田蔚 郝 on Feb 4, 2016

Hello, everyone.


Recently i work on a project about communication between MPC5643L and TLE6204. And there is a problem that I set DSPI_2 as a master and just want to send a 16 bits data with 16 bit command.


after i operate following command:


DSPI_2.PUSHR.R = 0X08010000 | SendData16bit;

then i stay in while loop waiting for the TCF flag bit set.

while(DSPI_2.SR.B.TCF != 1)



It will stay in wihile forever, according to the datasheet after sending a frame TCF will be set. But i don't get the right result.


Here is my whole project in attachment, hope someone kindly help me. Thank you!

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