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Reprogramming the flash on MC56F82748VLH

Question asked by Jason Aguayo on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by Jason Aguayo

Good morning!


I am attempting to configure my MC56F82748VLH processor to reprogram it's own flash via the serial port.  Part of this process involves erasing

the existing flash program so I can write the new flash program to the chip.


So far, I can erase the entire flash with no problem.  I am running the erase code out of RAM, and I have disabled interrupts in the CPU using the SR register.  However, once I erase the flash, the code after the flash erase stops working.  I have code that spins in a while loop listening to the serial port for instructions from the PC.  The processor stops responding shortly after the flash erase concludes.


I've read through all of Chapter 20: Flash Memory Module in the reference manual; there is no mention of any such problems.  I've erased only part of the flash since thinking maybe erasing the interrupt vector table is causing some system instability.  None of these have solved the problem.


Any suggestions?