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Sector Erase/Programming issue

Question asked by Nicholas Schultz on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by Pascal Irrle

Background: My target is the MPC8347 processor with a Spansion S29JL064H flash.  I'm using the CodeWarrior USB TAP and Codewarrior 8.8.


I am attempting to erase/program certain sectors of this flash and find that some (0xFFD00000 for example) erase and blank check without issue.  Others (0xFFD1000 for example) simply sit at the "Erasing ........." stage indefinitely.  I've let this sit for hours without any success.  Programming has the same result.  I've tweaked the 8349ITX_rev3_init.cfg initialization file to fit my board's attributes, and am using the following settings:


Target Configuration:

     Processor Family: 83xx

     Target Processor: 8347

     Connection: CodeWarrior USB TAP

     Use Target Initialization: 8349ITX_rev5_init.cfg

     Target Memory Buffer Address: 0x00010000

     Target Memory Buffer Size: 0x00300000

     Enable Logging - yes

     Verify Target Memory Writes - yes


Flash Configuration:

     Flash Memory base Address: 0xff800000

     Device: S29JL064H     (modified from the S29GL064M definition)

     Organization: 8Mx8x1


Erase/Blank Check:

     Sector FFD00000 - FFD01FFF (working)

     Sector FFD10000 - FFD11FFF (not working)


Program/Verify Flash:

     File: *.elf

     File Type: ELF format

     Restrict Address Range: yes

          Start: 0xff800000

          end: 0xffffffff


The program intended to be loaded to the target begins at 0xFFD00000 and is 0x156270 bytes in size.


Anybody have experience with this issue?