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Blaze - K22 board in smart-watch format

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Jan 31, 2016
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Hi All


Blaze is a new crowd-funded project based on the K22F10M with 1.6" high resolution display and capacitative touch, as well as IoT extension modules.

If you don't know about it yet, details are at Kickstarter: where its first goal has already been met at over 200% with just a short time left.


In preparation of its release, support has been prepared in the uTasker project


This allows the following immediate support for hobbyings and professionals alike:

- Allows full project simulation in (approx.) real-time

- It is possible to develop projects on any Freescale processors and boards that can then run on Blaze due to the fact that the uTasker solution is HW independent and no porting is required between different Kinetis devices.

- The following features are available for Blaze:

-- uGLCD library for LCD and touch screen with operation in the simulator

-- USB device operations for USB-CDC (1 to 6 Virtual COMs and/or UART bridges)

-- USB-Audio class for audio streaming from host to I2S, DAC or PWM output and I2S or ADC input to host, including clock domain synchronisation

-- USB-RNDIS (allowing the Blaze to appear as a USB Ethernet adapter to the host and running web server, FTP server etc.)

-- USB-MSD to SD card or FAT emulation

-- USB-HID (mouse, Keyboard, RAW mode)

-- All USB classes can be mixed to composite devices without any effort

-- Peripheral support

--- 6 x UARTs in interrupt and/or DMA modes

--- I2C master and slave modes on all I2C interface

--- Port interrupt and DMA operation

--- Low power and wakeup support

---ADC and DAC support (also automatic DMA driven from PIT or PDB)

---CAN support

---Flash driver support for Program-Once, Program memory or Swap operation

--- I2S support

--- Flex Timer and PWM support

--- Low Power Timer support

---PIT (periodic interrupt timer) support

---RTC support including Gregorian calendar, day-light-saving, SNTP when RNDIS enabled, including alarms and low-power wakeup

---USB device and host support, including crystal-less mode for device

--File System support:

---uFileSystem from internal Flash or external SPI Flash

---uParameterSystem from internal Flash or external SPI Flash

---utFAT operation in internal Flash or SD card (fully interfaced to FTP, web server or USB-MSD); Including advanced features such as file analysis and un-delete.

--Simple and light weight uTasker operating system integrated to allow modular code and optimal reliability

--Bootloaders for updates from SD card, memory-stick, Freescale KBOOT, USB-MSD or UART

--multi-homed TCP/IP stack with IPv4 and IPv6 support for Wifi and other interface extensions

-- MODBUS module for master and/or slave UART and TCP modes

--All operations and peripherals are accurately simulated to allow complete projects to be developed, tested and debugged in VisualStudio to dramatically cut development time in comparison to traditional techniques

--Detailed documentation


There is a simulation at the link that can be easily tried out and is also shown in the screen short below.

Hope you like it and all are looking forward to the hardware availability in the coming weeks: