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PMIC VGEN6 and AR8031 Sabre Current Inconsistency

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on Jan 24, 2016
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The AR8031 IC on the Sabre Smart Devices is powered by VGEN6, 6th linear regulator of the PF0100. This regulator is capable of 1,8V - 3,3V voltage supply which is a check, since AR8031 nominal value is 3,3V. However, regarding the datasheet of AR8301, one can find the below table.


AR8031 Akım Çekme.PNG


As you can see the maximum current total that can be drawn by the IC is way above 200 mA, which is the maximum PF0100 is designed for. This arises the question whether if this is because it was thought the currents given on the table are improbable simultaneously or someone missed the table designing the board? This confuses me, can someone please explain why this is a valid design?


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