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Audio Codec wm8960 drivers detection problem

Question asked by VIJAY R on Jan 19, 2016
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  my self i am Vijay from India,I want small help regarding Audio codec drivers.we are using WM8960 audio codec for my project.we took reference of sabresd board(which contain wm8962 audio codec),we are using wm8960.c(Codec drivers) & imx-wm8960.c(platform drivers)  SO my doubt is how i can know whether audio codec is detected or not?i followed attached BSP document.


           I found that under /sys/asound/wm8962 is the driver for audio codec in sabresd file system. Is this method is correct or not?how can i switch Left input audio1 to left input audio2 from application's user space?which type of frame work i ave to use whether ALSA or TINYALSA?


pls give me some information on this, I am expecting positive answer from you.