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Mcgen3PhWaveSineIntp  - Generate 3-Phase Sine Wave   (doubts)

Question asked by Rui Mausinho on Jan 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by xiangjun.rong

Hello colleagues,


I'm a begginer using a microcontroller DSC MC56F8006, and i´m trying to create a code using the beans of Processor Expert. My goal is to create a PWM to control a 3 phase inverter, with phase shifting and with sine base frequency at 50HZ. Before i tried with code (using a look-up table) but i had a lot of troubles.


So, now i'm learning this function precisely, (Mcgen3PhWaveSineIntp) inserted in the Motor Control Bean's, and in combination with PWMMC Bean i can achieve my goal.


Now, after read the documentation about this ones, i stil with some doubts:



1) How can find the correspondent value to the variable   "PhaseIncrement" ?

2) The variable "DesiredFreq" will be in my case (50Hz)?

3)Which frequency should be on variable "FunctionCallFreq"?

4) Period of sine in my sine still being the value of 65535?

5) This two beans are enough for the procedure that i want to create? Or i dont even need the PWM bean?


Thanks in advance , I really appreciate any help that you can give me in this topic, because at this moment i'm stopped without know how to advance!



Rui Pedro



PhaseIncrementis angle increment added to actual phase each function call [-].

DesiredFreq is desired frequency of generated waveform [Hz].

FunctionCallFreq is frequency of function calling [Hz].

Period is period of sine. In our case it is 65535.