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DSP56F8346, "Core not responding"

Discussion created by Istvan Csajaghy on Feb 12, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2010 by wei willie
Hi all,

During one of my projects, I had to move from a DSP56F805 to a DSP56F8346. All the processor expert beans have been updated and the code works fine, uploaded from the serial bootloader. But since this change, impossible to use the paralell JTAG interface... The error message received is "CCSProtocolPlugin: CCS: Core not responding".
I also have some bugs with processor expert now, if I use it too much (more than 5 minuts), CodeWarrior is not responding and I have to restart, and of course I loose all my changes.
I have re-installed CodeWarrior, but I still have the same problems.

I have also tried to go in "Remote Debugging" to access the "connection Settings" for my JTAG problem, but everything is gray and it is written "no connection available" in front of Connection.

I must confess I am a bit lost...

I am using CodeWarrior 56800/E Hybrid Controllers version 7.3, Processor Expert version 2.97 for Freescale 56800/E family, CW Plug-In IDE version 3.74 L2.

Can someone help me?