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Is NXP abandoning MQX?

Question asked by Andreas Schmidt on Jan 9, 2016
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I found "Document Number: KSDK200MKS22FN256RN" with title "Kinetis SDK v.2.0.0 Release Notes Supporting

the MKS22FN12 Devices" in the KSDK document area.


I am citing: "KSDK 2.0 is the evolution of KSDK 1.x into a more optimized software solution. KSDK 2.0 eliminates

the need for separate HAL and Peripheral drivers, replacing these two layers with a single driver for each peripheral. ...."


"... At the middleware level, RTCS and MFS have been removed, and the USB stack has been replaced with a BSD licensed

solution. KSDK 2.0 has also aligned with ARM® through the integration of mbed TLS with our accelerated cryptography

drivers. This integration ensures the highest level of performance from our on-chip security peripherals. Existing MQX RTOS

support has been deprecated to focus on support of FreeRTOS and uCOs II/III."


Is this the future of KSDK and MQX support?


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