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FRDM-K82F installing Segger OpenSDAv2.1

Question asked by Chris Conlon on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Chris Conlon



I am trying to install the Segger OpenSDAv2.1 firmware on a FRDM-K82F platform.  I'm having an issue getting the board to mount in BOOTLOADER mode, after holding down the reset button and plugging in the board.  These are the steps I am doing:


  1. Plug USB cable into "SDA-USB" port
  2. Hold down "Reset" button
  3. Plug the board into development machine


The results after doing this are that the board mounts as "MBED", not "BOOTLOADER".  I am working on a Windows 7 Pro VM, with the most current Segger J-Link software, KDS, and KDS Add-On for the FRDM-K82F.  Any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?