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How to configration the MPC8245 when it works in 32-bit data bus mode

Question asked by xuchao li on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by lunminliang

I made a board based in MPC8245,and I use to 16-bit SDRAM compose 32-bit RAM ,connect the MDL[0] to GND,MPC 8245 works in 32-bit data bus mode ,.When I write data to SDRAM,if the address is ended by 0x0 、0x8,like 0x00001000,0x00002008,they correct.but if the address is ended by 0x4、0xc,the data is all 0s.when I observe the data bus using oscilloscope,the data bus is 0; If I do some thing wrong ? about the connection of the MPC8245 and the SDRAM? the address bus is wrong ? My initialization configration file is some wrong ? the USB TAP 、CodeWarrior and MPC8245 is not compatible? What should I pay more attention to?


Thanks a lot