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9S12ZVL Pin Assignment using Processor Expert

Question asked by hw wong on Dec 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by hw wong


MPU: MC9S12ZVLMLF (48 pins)

Development System: Code Warrior 10.6 Special (with Processor Expert)


I try to use Processor Expert to assign the IIC pins. After creating the component under "Components Library", there is now a component called IICO:Init_IIC.


Under the Properties Tab of Component Inspector, I can do Pin (assignment).

I choose PT0_IOC0_0_SDA0_RXD1_PWM2_LPTXD0 (pin 22 on 48 pin package) and

PT1_IOC0_1_SCL0_TXD1_PWM0_LPRXD0(pin 27 on 48 pin package) respectively for the SDA and SCL pins.


When I tried to configure the "pin open drain" of either SDA or SCL pins from "push-pull" to "open drain", the message is "Port does not support selected open drain".


My understanding of IIC is that both SDA and SCL pins must be "open drain". If I am unable to configure these pins to "open drain", does it mean I can never use these pins for IIC? (even if the documentation says that IIC is the "Second Function" of these pins)


Would be grateful for any help with this. Thanks.