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Problems with the i.MX53 connected to a KSZ8895RQ

Question asked by Alvaro Gamarra on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Alvaro Gamarra

Hi all,


One of our new designs include the LAN port KSZ8895RQ and I have found a problem with it. After several proofs, I have realized that the problem is that it is only working when I have something connected to the port 1. If I connect my PC to the port 1, everything works fine, if I don't connect anything, nothing is working.


The ports are connected the following way:

- Port 1: to an Ethernet connector, used to connect a PC

- Port 2: to another Ethernet connector, used to connect a PC

- Port 3: empty, future uses

- Port 4: to another board

- Port 5: to the main CPU through the RMII interface


The ports 4 and 5 are always connected but I cannot ping the board connected to the Port 4 from the main CPU if the Port 1 is not connected. Can any of you helping me with this? It seems that the phy driver is only working if it is able to connect through the Port 1 of the switch. I use the SPI port to configure the switch