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MK02FN128xxx10 JTAG connection

Question asked by enver sultanov on Dec 2, 2015
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I am currently working with a custom board with a Freescale MK02FN128xxx10 MCU and my challenge right now is to get a communication between the PC (Windows 8, SEGGER J-Flash V5.10) and the MCU.


The hardware connection between the board and JTAG looks like this:


Board                    JTAG

1. 3.3V                    1. VTref

2. GND                    4. GND    

12. JTAG_TCLK      9. TCK    

13. JTAG_TDI          5. TDI

14. JTAG_TDO        13. TDO 

15. JTAG_TMS         7.TMS     

19. RESET_b            15. RESET


For the generated error, see the attached picture.


I have also observed the RESET pin on the board which keep toggling.


I would appreciate an instruction on how to connect the JTAG pins on this MCU.


  Thx for the help!