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How  to  write a freescale imx6q  control  fb(framebuffer) program for dual display(L3.10.53 BSP(yocto project))?

Question asked by chen sam on Nov 29, 2015
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Because L3.10.53 BSP (yocto project) is only open fb0  to  use, so i can not throw display information  to show another fb for  dual display.

The L3.10.53 BSP  dual display is not the beginning of the same show  screen.

Another screen,i  must  throw things to display,because  Framebuffer  data  is  0.



How  to write freescale imx6q control  fb(framebuffer) program

Or how to control fb?


My  experience is not enough, do not  know  how to write  this  control program, please help  me.

please help me,thanks.



因為 L3.10.53 BSP(yocto project)只打開fb0去使用,所以在雙顯示下我不能丟顯示資訊到另一個fb

L3.10.53 BSP 雙顯不是一開始就秀相同的畫面。

另外一個畫面,我必須丟東西去顯示才行,因為Framebuffer 資料是0


所以,如何去寫一個freescale imx6q fb的控制程式呢?