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Integration of MAX98089 audio codec on i.mx6

Question asked by hok on Nov 19, 2015
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I should integrate MAX98089 in conjunction with i.mx6 in our company. Normally i'm working on the behave of logistic controlling systems (headless). Therefore i'm not in common with "multimedia" subsystems, codecs, alsa or SSI interface. So this is a variety for me :-). Because of these fact i (and all other combatants in my company has the same status) i have some questions before i go into detail to clearify things.

After information gathering (schematics, ...) questions cames up....


Starting point:

Kernel: 2.14.28-1.0.0 (linux-imx6)

OS: Own operating system based on yocto (fido release)

Hardware: Own carrier board and with Kontron samx6i smarc module

Status: Nearly all interfaces which are supported by samx6i are used. Except audio codec.

SOC Interface: SSI

Codec: MAX98089


As i understand following parts in kernel are needed for audio.



SOC Audio interface: Already available. Regarding to DT bindings: audmux and ssi

Connector: MAX98089 until now is not supported by drivers based on fsl-asoc-card - e.g.: wm8962.

Codec: Codec is available but without DT Bindings (should not be the showstopper :-))


I also read the i.MX BSP Porting Guide from 2.14.28_1.0.0-ga Release so



1.) Do i need a own connector or can i use other solution like ASoc Simple SOund card support?

2.) In conjunction with SSI Interface i'm not really can focus out in which combination (Master - Slave or Slave Master) should be used

3.) What are the best and simplest tools on commandline to play audio with alsa subsystem.

4.) Have i handle also mono / stereo or other modes or is this done automatically?


May someone is on the same project, could give me some code of practice or has background informations for me. I'm happy about all information :-).

So hardware is on desk, oszi behind ....


Thanks in advance