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Are the MQX version in macro instead of constant _mqx_version_number

Question asked by arnogir on Nov 19, 2015
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I have a generic module to manage the ethernet.

This module should be used on project which running on MQX 4.1 and other on MQX 4.2.


But to close a socket, the way is different according MQX revision:

Shutdown for MQX 4.1

closesocket for MQX 4.2.


Then I like to do a macro to call one or other funtion according the MQX version.

I like this will automatic by reading the linked MQX version.


Unfortally, I only found a constant for the MQX version : _mqx_version_number


Are the the same but in macro? (i.e #define _MQX_VERSION_NUMBER 0x04020001)

this to have a faster code by resolve the problem in pre compile time.