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Intermittent K60F15 LOCKUP in VLPR

Question asked by Gabriel Harrison on Nov 19, 2015
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I am having a lockup issue when running a K60F15 in VLPR.


It is random how long it takes to happen but usually within a couple of minutes after transitioning to VLPR. The debugger will break because a Hardfault has happened and the Stack shows that the PC has gone to 0x00000000.


The Hardfault is definitely because it is trying to execute code 0x00000000 but I cannot see why the PC goes to zero.


In SCB->ICSR there is always a pending interrupt for either Systick or LPTMR (this may be irrelevant).


I can stop the problem by:


1. Go to BLPE but not VLPR

2. Disable SysTick, switch to VLPR, reinitialize SysTick


I can also sometimes trigger the issue by doing Break then Go in the debugger even after point 2 above.


I am using MK60FX512VMD15 chip mask 3N and IAR compiler. The fault occurs both with debugger attached and detached


Any help much appreciated.