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initial board bring up of P2041

Question asked by agxin j on Nov 18, 2015

Dear all

                        I am having a p2041 processor card with boot options of NAND FLASH NOR flash and FRAM in the elbc bus how to load the boot block to the flash ? i have set the hard corded rcw value of scr_rcw_cfg 11000 16 bit nor flash now if i power on the reset logic will provide poreset to the processor if the poreset hold time is valid the processor sends the hreset after assertion of the hreset it is reading the status of scr_rcw_cfg 11000 and vsel pins if this is proper then it is going to the elbc bus and requesting it to load the boot code from nor but i am using hard corded rcw so it bypasses loading from nor flash and  loads with some minimal functional configuration as provided in the hard corded rcw table ,since PBL is not loaded as that will be during normal nor boot when does the processor stops driving H_reset ? how the reset sequence will be if no data is in the flash I have LAD [30:15] AND BLA lines are all high in my board how to confirm the  reset is completed