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Cannot debug on FRDM-KL25Z

Question asked by xufengtan on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by xufengtan

I get a debugging issue in KDS, although I had read a lot of documents from Freescale, but I still don't know how to solve it.


Here is the issue information. What should I do? Thanks in advance.

- OS: Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 LTS (64 bit)

- Kinetis Design Studio 3.0.0 IDE

- Board: FRDM-KL25Z

- Debugging step:

  1. Open the "Hello World" demo project from SDK. (Path: KSDK_1.3.0/examples/frdmkl25z/demo_apps)

  2. Build the project successfully.

  3. Open "Debug Configurations", choose "GDB PEMicro Interface Debugging" / "hello_world_frdmkl25z debug pne"

  4. Click "Debug" button

  5. "P&E Connection Assistant" dialog appears, as below: