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Stop PE from overwriting my (ROM) interrupt Vectors.c?

Question asked by Brian Willoughby on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by Brian Willoughby

I needed a very low overhead Timer interrupt, and I have successfully replaced the ivINT_FTM2 interrupt vector in Vectors.c

Unfortunately, every change to Processor Expert overwrites Vectors.c and loses my kernel interrupt vector hook.


Is there a place in Processor Expert where I can enter my interrupt function name so that PE will rewrite Vectors.c as I need it?


I realize that I could enable the feature to move the vector table from ROM to RAM, and then I could call _int_install_kernel_isr() at run time so that Vectors.c would not need to have my function in it. However, moving the vector table to RAM would require that I allocate memory to that, and I'm not sure whether the other developers will need that RAM. It would seem easiest if I could just alter the ROM vector table, since I know the vector will never need to change at run time. I just don't know whether Processor Expert supports this.


Other answers on this forum have shown other interrupts which allow user override of the default name, but I couldn't find a way to do this for FTM2.


Any hints or pointers?


I'm running CodeWarrior 10.6 with MQX and working with the MK20FX512VLQ12 chip.