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mfgtool gets stuck while loading Android 5.0 onto imx6 board based on SabreSD.

Question asked by James Pieterick on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by James Pieterick

Hi Everyone,


I an working on loading android Lollipop onto our custom board that is based upon the Sabresd reference design. One of the main differences between our design and the Sabre board is that we are using an Atmel maxTouch touchscreen controller connected through the host USB port instead of the max11801 touch sensor connected through i2c.


When I attempt to load android onto our board using mfgtool, the download process appears to progress normally until it starts looping writing the following message over and over:


max11801_ts 1-0048: FIFO_RD_AUX_MSB read fails


I looked through the Android source code and I believe that I found the place where this message originates: line 130 of file max11801_ts.c in directory .../kernel_imx/drivers/input/touchscreen. The above message appears to be printed when the max11801 touch screen fails to respond to an AUX_measurement command sent over the I2C bus. Since the max11801 is not present on our board it makes sense that there is no response. I have removed this file from my build but I am still seeing this problem. Obviously this message is coming from  either somewhere else or from a file that I still need to rebuild.


What else might I need to be rebuild so that the code is no longer attempting to communicate with the max11801?


I have rebuilt and replaced all of the .img and .imx files tha are placed into the  ...\Profiles\Linux\OS Firmware\files\android\sabresd folder in the folder where mfgtool is located.


I am using mfgtool2-android-mx6q-sabresd-emmc-1.2g.vbs to start mfgtool. and I am attempting to load into emmc.


I am attaching a file with the debug output as well as a copy of the mfgtool log.



Jim Pieterick

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