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KSDK 1.3 hello_world demo crashes on TWR-K60N512

Question asked by Scott Whitney on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Scott Whitney

Hi Folks,


I have A TWR-K60N512 KIT with the TWR-K60N512, two elevator boards, and the TWR-SER board.  Using KSDK 1.3, I am simply trying to build, load, and run the hello_world demo using IAR Embedded Workbench 7.40.3.  I am using a J-Link pod from Segger as my JTAG connection.


The ksdk_platform_lib project builds fine, no errors.  The hello_world project also builds fine, no errors.  I can download the project into Flash without errors.


However, when the code gets into CLOCK_HAL_PrepareOsc(), it fails with a HardFault.  This function is in fsl_mcg_hal.c.  The failure appears to be happening at the line:


if (MCG_BRD_C2_EREFS(base))


In the disassembly window, I can see the following code:


    MCG_BWR_C7_OSCSEL(base, setting);

       0x1176: 0xf114 0x000c  ADDS.W    R0, R4, #12             ; 0xc

       0x117a: 0x0140         LSLS      R0, R0, #5

       0x117c: 0xf110 0x4084  ADDS.W    R0, R0, #1107296256     ; 0x42000000

       0x1180: 0x7005         STRB      R5, [R0]

    if (kMcgOscselOsc == setting)

       0x1182: 0xb2ed         UXTB      R5, R5

       0x1184: 0x2d00         CMP       R5, #0

       0x1186: 0xd10c         BNE.N     0x11a2

        if (MCG_BRD_C2_EREFS(base))

       0x1188: 0x1c60         ADDS      R0, R4, #1

       0x118a: 0x0140         LSLS      R0, R0, #5

       0x118c: 0xf8df 0x1348  LDR.W     R1, [PC, #0x348]        ; [0x14d8] 0x42000008 (1107296264)

       0x1190: 0x5c08         LDRB      R0, [R1, R0]

       0x1192: 0xb2c0         UXTB      R0, R0

       0x1194: 0x2800         CMP       R0, #0

       0x1196: 0xd004         BEQ.N     0x11a2


       0x1198: 0x0020         MOVS      R0, R4

       0x119a: 0xf7ff 0xffc8  BL        CLOCK_HAL_IsOsc0Stable  ; 0x112e

       0x119e: 0x2800         CMP       R0, #0


Whenever I try to execute the code at 0x118c, the code immediately goes to HardFault_Handler at location 0xe66.


Any idea what could be causing this?  Not sure if I have something configured incorrectly in board.h, or if I have incorrect jumper settings on either the processor board or the serial board.


Any help is greatly appreciated!