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SABRE board and the upcoming AVB software

Question asked by chrisschlotter on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by jamesbone

Dear all,


Our company is currently running an evaluation project on the upcoming AVB Gen2/TSN standard (the successor to AVB). We wonder if we could use the SABRE board for Automotive Infotainment as a hardware platform to implement three or four TSN-capable ethernet host devices for demonstration purposes.


1) Will the AVB software be available for free usage on i.MX6 boards or will it be a commercial product, only available to paying customers? We would need to complement the AVB software by some  TSN features but for this we would need to bypass all pure-AVB feature while retaining the features universal to AVB and TSN (e.g. PTP/IEEE 1588).


2) If we were not able to use the AVB software as a basement for our own design but would have to build up everything on our own using free available Linux-packages (e.g. gPTP, video and audio streaming, multimedia interfaces), would the SABRE board still be an interesting platform in terms of software and driver support, or might it be better to resort to, let's say, some Zedboards we have already flying around in our company?


Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.