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__init_cpp library function never returning

Question asked by Nicholas Handran on Oct 30, 2015

Hey All,

We're using a MPC5643L processor and I'm attempting to run an application out of flash standalone (no debugger). For some reason the application runs normally when the debugger is attached but once the processor resets and I run through the startup sequence (code prior to our main function) it gets stuck in the __init_cpp function call.  It looks like it is repeatedly constructing the same objects multiple times.


The one difference between running right after flashing and after a reset is that the startup script ""MPC5643L_VLE.tcl" isn't getting run again.  I'm guessing that this script is setting up the registers in a way that allows the application to continue running but I'm not sure which registers specifically are causing the problem. I diff'd the registers with and without the startup script and >50% have changed making it difficult to determine which one I should be setting up differently.


I've attached the linker file in case that helps.  Please if anyone has any ideas let me know if you need more specific information.


All the best,


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