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i.MX6Q: How to determine IPU NPB and IPUx_SMFC_BS

Question asked by Nori Shinozaki on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by Nori Shinozaki

Hello Champs,


I'm capturing video from CSI and I'm wondering how to determine values for NPB and IPUx_SMFC_BS.


Could you advise how to:


- Minimize contentions at DDR from IPU and CPU master access.

- Make the best use of DDR bandwidth.


As far as I tested, the bigger the values, the more room for CPU to use DDR.


The DDR is configured in CL 8, 8 burst, 2 clock overhead, which should transfer 64byte in 14 clocks.


The CSI video input is:



Best regards,

Nori Shinozaki